About Livesey’s Motor Works in Morwell

Providing friendly, honest mechanical services to the Latrobe Valley since 1968.

The guys at Livesey’s are passionate about giving people a real deal, which means they will only complete servicing and repair work that needs to be done.

Owned and operated by Ian McEwan for 28 years, their experience ranges from cars to trucks and everything in-between. Ian is a qualified diesel mechanic and has even spent time maintaining and driving road trains in the NT and outback QLD.

The guys at Livesey’s do their best to solve mechanical problems and get your vehicle on the road as quickly as possible. And if that means getting online to search across the world for the right missing part to fix vehicles, they’re happy to do it.

Livesey’s Motor Works are located at 75-77 Latrobe Road in Morwell. Their workshop provides plenty for space for working on any size vehicle from sporty hatch backs and courier vans to 4WDs and large trucks.

Photo of the front of the workshop for Livesseys Motor Works with two cars parked at the entry.

If you’re looking for a professional, reliable, affordable mechanic in Morwell, give us a call on 03 5134 4402.