Disc Brake Machining

To keep you safe on the road, our team can identify brake problems and complete disc brake machining for passenger vehicles and 4WDs, infact we can even machine your disc brakes while they’re on your vehicle.

Why would brakes need machining?

Over time your cars brake discs will wear and you will feel the effects of this through vibration and noise. Sometimes new discs will be needed, but most times we can safely machine the disc brakes to remove corrosion and improve performance.

On car disc brake machining

Our disc brake lathe works on the vehicle so it is true to the hub and quicker to get your disc brakes machined back to a true and smooth surface.

How can you tell if you vehicle needs the disc brakes machined?

If your brakes are noisy, or the vehicle has a steering wheel shudder or a ‘pulsating’ brake pedal when slowing down, more than likely your brake discs or rotors will be warped or not running true. Brake discs do wear down over time, so it is important to have them checked and either replaced or machined.

If your disc brakes need machining we can provide this at our workshop, improving the safety of your brakes and longer life to your brake discs.

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